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About Us


About me

  • Over 15 years business planning, development and project management experience. 
  • Consulted on restaurants, retail, healthcare, products and services, marketing and planning of all aspects of business
  • Provided business reviews and identified problems and solutions
  • Helped family and employee relationships thrive
  • Identify customer service opportunities and employee development through sales and training courses


My Philosophy

I believe that everyone has skills and abilities that they enjoy using. When combined with a job or business of their own happiness follows. I help them develop and capitalize on their strengths. 

In business, I see both the big picture and the little details required of each step. Coaching people and businesses grew from that ability. 

I feel lucky to be doing what I love and want the same for others!



  • Planning for the start up or expansion of small business
  • Business Reviews including mystery shop and advice on customer service and business growth
  • Project management services to help start up or expand business
  • Business development including design and execution of business ideas
  • Written business plans
  • Set goals and coaching services
  • Organize your home or business and the way you work


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